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"Ok, people, looks like we're here," Kimber said to her two companions in the cockpit. She flipped a few switches and a planet appeared on the viewscreen. "Wow... it's...." Kimber tilted her head to one side. "It's kind of... dark, isn't it?" She shook her head dismissively. "Dark or not, we've got to find someplace to land, and, hopefully, some fuel. Otherwise, you two," she looked over her shoulder at Lane and the mechanic, "are going to have to get out and push. Of course, we could always make that mouthy droid push it instead..." she said hurriedly under her breath.

Her scanner bleeped. "Hey! What do you know! We're in luck! There's some kind of settlement down there." She zoomed in on the image. "It's small, but... hey, I'm picking up Tysy's signal down there, too. It's stationary."

She looked over at the mechanic. "You want me to set her down on the outskirts, or just go blazing right in?" For some reason, she was beginning to defer the command decisions to him, although she didn't really know why. It wasn't like he was any higher 'rank' than she was, was he? "Your call."

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