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Originally Posted by tk102
I think one explanation for this is that Jesus was divine, and is part of God if identical to God. From that viewpoint, you could argue that Jesus' death was a simulation of death (like in a video game ) but his true nature did not die. Thus no one was harmed and no immorality occurred.
i consider putting someone through massive pain as 'doing harm' to that person. He died in our world, this reality, in pain.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
Of course you didn't. But let's face it, you would have.
I would have what?
Adam and Eve were the only sinless humans, the most pure humans to ever live, except Jesus, and they couldn't resist the lure of the Apple.
Gee it's food. Why didn't god put that apple somewhere else if he's so fancy with it?

Besides, you've sinned in your lifetime, so it doesn't really matter.
Yeah, what does it matter? *I* didn't eat that apple.

And removing sin from existence is denying free will
How is it? I fail to see that.

"You're free to do whatever you please, as long as it doesn't displease me." That's essentially what you believe God should have done.
Nope. I said "take sin out of the equation".

That's not Freedom. God doesn't want our slavish devotion like cattle. God isn't looking to become the Lord of slaves. He wants our devotion by choice, not by being denied any options.
"Oh, of course, you can cross that line any time! .. But then you'll get shot." That's not freedom, either.

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