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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Yes, God can do things I can't even imagine. What's your point?
It not our part to think of a method to get rid of sin. It's god's. Even more if he so much dislikes it.

Even if he did do this, humanity still would need to pay for it's crimes.
Really? Do you pay for the crimes of let's say, a raper and murderer?

Now, the payment for this has already been paid by Christ, but there would still be the need for repenting.
Ah-ha. Why?

If sin was destroyed, we would never recognize our need for Christ, thus damning us all.
Cannot see any logic here. Does that mean Christ is the reason for sin to exist, so we can see our need for him so we won't be damned? Why must we see Christ? Isn't this about god?

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