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Kimber Quitaan, the mysterious mechanic, Lane, T3-M4, and HK-47 all exited the Ebon Hawk with a sense of unease, almost dread, although not enough to remain aboard the ship. Avoiding one's fears or what tempts one, Darth Traya had taught, is not strength, but facing it is. Thus, the five crew members of the battered vessel that was once Revan's and now the Exile's ventured forward onto an unknown world.

"Excuse me," quipped one of them to a blank-eyed passer-by. "Any fuel stations?"

"Around here, there is one," said the woman, and she pointed. Her gesture was a tad slow, off-cue, like a needle that had skipped a fraction of a second in a record's vinyl groove. "But prepare yourself, because if you go to Cocyta without the proper soul searching and cleansing, you will be destroyed by the planet as soon as you land."

After an awkward silence, someone asked, " to elaborate?"

"Resolute Statement: I suggest that we should facilitate communication and put an end to hostilities," said HK. "This target seems rather stuporous, perhaps from lack of sleep. It would be a kindness to put her out of her misery." He shouldered his weapon.

"I am not afraid of you, droid," said the woman, her face as expressionless as her eyes. "Mistress Shan's wrath is far greater than your molten cannon could ever be. It is a good thing you are a droid. Otherwise, she would melt you alive if she found you."

"Melt you alive?" The unease turned to downright nausea. "What do you mean?"

"She has already immolated several upon Malpenulte, but that is their own fault. They attempted to address our Mistress when they had not yet gone through purification. For their arrogance and insolence, not to mention treason to the galaxy and their very souls, they were burned alive, or immolated through Force energy." A brief pause. "If you wish to find fuel, do so at the station nearby, but if you wish to save yourselves, stand in any of these lines--the one that fits the wrongs you have committed. Then, Mistress Shan's servants will wash away all of your transgressions and make you worthy to go to Cocyta without fear of death. Farewell. I must go and purify myself."

All five of them sensed a slight pull, a tugging at the Force, as if to break its bonds...
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