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Hello guys, missed me?

Originally Posted by Corinthian
Apple of the tree of knowledge. If you know this little about the subject matter, why are you even participating in the debate?
That raises two questions: How is it logical for God, who did not want Humans to be knowledgeable to put a tree of knowledge on Earth, that too right by Adam and Eve? Don't tell me trusted humanity's damnation over a naked couple in a garden who can talk with serpents.
Secondly, why are humans allowed the capacity of knowledge, without the right to accumulate it? That's like the government telling people you can have your own house, but living inside is illegal. And while we're on it, if knowledge was sin, Adam and Eve committed sin as soon as arrived on Earth - they gained knowledge of themselves, their surroundings, of food, hell - of the tree of knowledge, of speech and countless other things.

Also, I don't see reason in letting children suffer for their parents' sin. Remember that parents and children have completely different wills. Then there is the question of Jesus, if he paid the price of mankind's sin, sin has virtually lost meaning. Think of it like this: a man has been given the murder of all of the world's crimes. If that is so, then crime has lost meaning and anyone and everyone can go killing and raping and pillaging and sinning, because said man is the victim anyways.
Originally Posted by Sam
Your vile pagan ways are REPREHENSIBLE TK!
May the Moon God of Superior Beauty and Strength punish your treachery!
Originally Posted by Corinthian
If sin was destroyed, we would never recognize our need for Christ, thus damning us all.
Ah, so we take this to the pre-christ era, God could have removed sin and not let his son suffer, as well. BTW, I don't know this so just answer for me, will you? Christ is the son of God, so who is his mother, a.k.a God's "wife"? Not an argument, that's a simple question.

Now, I don't think you caught mine and Ray's argument correctly. We're thinking along a computer programmer's lines:
1. God created everything - that means everything.
2. Satan rebelled against God - that is, God encountered a bug.
3. God condemned Satan - he squashed the bug and proceeded with release.
4. Satan forms Evil, which corrupts the program and harms the data. And this is where God co. starts facing legal issues. Now, since Evil is part of the system God created, he should be able to destroy it, one way or another, since God controls all and is the supreme majesty as far as programming is concerned!
You refer to free will, but this free will has elements of sin in it, at least potentially. That means that if the very nature of sin is traced absolutely and completely traced, it leads to God. This is where tk's theory comes into the picture: Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin - God is Satan (something like Mr. Jekyll is Dr. Hyde).

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