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God doesn't need a "wife" Sabre. God is a spirit, not a man, not a woman. Have you ever heard of the Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit?

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Right, that probably would be an accurate representation of it. Still, if we accepted the idea of Aquinas about intentions being the determiner of sin, then while evil may occur, sin is an option, not an inevitability.
I disagree that sin is an option, and not an inevitability. Certain sin is an option, yes, and we can be the determiner of certain sin, but it IS inevitable that we humans will sin. It is in the human nature to sin; and I will explain myself further on in my reply. Please answer this question, say, have you ever had anything that was yours and was extremely expensive or really close to your heart, and was stolen from you? You would probably want revenge on that person, right? That could be considered a sin.

It was Eve's choice to eat the apple, she was given orders to eat anything in the garden she wanted to, EXEPT the apple of the tree of knowledge. She was manipulated by Satan, yes, but she still made the choice to eat the apple. Because of that choice, Adam and Eve were exiled from the garden of Eden. As I said before, certain sin is an option, BUT because of Adam's and Eve's choice to eat of the tree of knowledge, which was indeed a sin, it is in our nature, (you, I , and the human race) to sin because of Adam's and Eve's decision at the Garden of Eden.

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