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Originally Posted by Rev7
It was Eve's choice to eat the apple, she was given orders to eat anything in the garden she wanted to, EXEPT the apple of the tree of knowledge. She was manipulated by Satan, yes, but she still made the choice to eat the apple. Because of that choice, Adam and Eve were exiled from the garden of Eden. As I said before, certain sin is an option, BUT because of Adam's and Eve's choice to eat of the tree of knowledge, which was indeed a sin, it is in our nature, (you, I , and the human race) to sin because of Adam's and Eve's decision at the Garden of Eden.
But that isn't fair. Especially if you consider that there are many, thousands, if not millions who would not have sinned in Eve's place and did not commit sins. The theory you're suggesting is that God is perfect, but humanity is a race of sinners, who can choose to repent. What is worse, is that this is one of the theories you can't run away from, and you can only choose not to believe in it.

And more questions arise, which God never answers directly to us, because we lack the mental capacity - Where is God? We know he isn't in the sky, because satellites have the place surrounded. Why is knowledge a sin and doesn't it make Adam and Eve sinners from the very moment they were alive? Why is knowledge of God and His ways not a sin? And lastly, why must we be treated as stupid ants that are suffering every minute just because Adam and Eve sinned? God can very well absolve us of the original sin. Not stopping this mad slaughter and sin that goes on is a form of sadism itself. Why is God so indifferent, so sadistic to us? Why doesn't he use his omnipotent, ultrapowerful will to actually help us rather than make us and let us go to hell (that's just a phrase, not to be taken literally) while watching us kill each other?

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