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Even God admits to mistakes. The story in the bible ( naturally names escape me) were God basically okay'd a husband to sleep with someone else so the an would have an heir ( of course it totally backfired) and i do believe God admitted that it was a mistake that he shouldn't have encouraged it.

God gave us free will so if we mess up it's our own fault. He gave us a guide ( the bible) to show us the right path but let us choose whether we wanted that path or not.If we choose the wrong path we pay the steep price ( Hello Lucifer). He can't intervine in wars or fights since he gave us free will, to intervine would be messing with our free will. The price humans pay for free will is that not everybody will use free will for the greater good and sometimes innocent people die because of it. But isn't it better to have free will than be basically a clone. If we didn't have free will we wouldn't be debating this topic right now . If we didn't have free will there would be no Kavar's Corner cause everybody would be a clone thinking , agreeing on the same thing and that would be very, very boring.God gave us the gift , the ultimate gift of free will , naturally us humans would find a way to mess up a great gift but hey were only human.

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