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Originally Posted by Corinthian
I'd have to disagree with that, Jae. Plate armor is fairly heavy, but it's spread out over the entire body. Sixty pounds isn't so bad when you can use almost every muscle in your body to hold it up. Knights were more than capable of hoisting themselves into the saddle and even being fairly quick and even graceful in combat.
Having worn and used full plate armor myself I can tell you that while you can jump (if you are certafiable, as I was) you don't jump too high. (If you try alot you get hurt alot, as I did... medic! )

Pulling yourself up into a saddle is also a chore (11 1/2 hands is darn high)... as actual full plate was not really meant for horseback, they wore another type of modified plate armor for riding (Not as protective in some of the lower areas covered by the horse and possible barding, about a 5-10 minute suit change/alteration) and another for jousting (Specialty Tourney Armor).

Just a little FYI of where Jae is coming from, @ My 2 credits.

But now when you add 'magic' into the options (Fantasy setting) then you should be able to jump all you want especially in mithril armor.

On-topic: Jumping is only important in a game that needs it, if real-time combat is involved then jumping is a must, turn based combat it isn't neccissary.

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