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It doesn't say that, because the Bible doesn't deal with hypothetical situations. It deals with what actually happens. As for your pointless questions that are essentially just there to irritate...hypothetically, if you were taken to a shack, flung in and locked in with no means of getting out, would you be free? Of course not. By denying us the option of defying God, we have no free will. God doesn't want our devotion to him by having it hardwired into our heads. He wants it to be our choice.

God has Free Will and is not a sinner. Correct. However, while Jesus was on Earth, there was the potential for him to sin. He had that choice. Satan tempted him with it quite often. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Jesus' fasting for forty days in the desert.

We have pain and suffering because we sinned and this is a fallen world. We have sin because God gave us that option. Ignoring Original Sin, which is an extremely complicated subject and most theologians don't entirely understand it, every human, except Jesus, has sinned, thus damning us. According to the Laws God laid down, if you sin, you must pay the penalty. Why would he erase his Laws from existence? That removes the whole point of the Law! It would be like if we made murder legal as soon as someone was on trial for it. It defeats the entire purpose of the law.

Of course, you'll pull some kind of complaint that he should just make it all okay for us despite the fact that we defy and sin against him every day, and forgive us whether we ask for forgiveness or not. But you don't want forgiveness, do you? You'd prefer it just all get taken away and you never had to deal with it.
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