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Originally Posted by Corinthian
It doesn't say that, because the Bible doesn't deal with hypothetical situations. It deals with what actually happens. As for your pointless questions that are essentially just there to irritate...hypothetically, if you were taken to a shack, flung in and locked in with no means of getting out, would you be free? Of course not. By denying us the option of defying God, we have no free will. God doesn't want our devotion to him by having it hardwired into our heads. He wants it to be our choice.
Oh, so questions to broaden out intellect exist to irritate? Why are we pursuing science, then? We'd all might as well live under rocks. Again, why does God want have us free and then acknowledge his existence when he could hard-wire it, after he created the universe and all. From a creator's perspective, that makes no sense - that's like creating a web browser that will go to websites only when it wants to.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
Of course, you'll pull some kind of complaint that he should just make it all okay for us despite the fact that we defy and sin against him every day, and forgive us whether we ask for forgiveness or not. But you don't want forgiveness, do you? You'd prefer it just all get taken away and you never had to deal with it.
Quite frankly, yes. I refuse to believe that we're just test subjects God made to rule over with tyranny. Also, God instates a law that doesn't have a constitution, a right to trial, and a right to defense. You can laugh at that statement, but a real law has these facets. The only law where you don't, are tyrannical fascist laws.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
We have pain and suffering because we sinned and this is a fallen world.
*I* have not sinned. Not once in my life. (Assumption) Eve sinned. And I didn't choose to be born in this fallen world. If I didn't choose any of this, why must I follow some God's law?

Originally Posted by Corinthian
God has Free Will and is not a sinner. Correct.
Then why didn't he model us along that very line? The world would have obviously been a much better place, and it is quite possible to acknowledge God without recognizing sin. This need for sin and death and suffering is utterly useless.

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