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Originally Posted by Corinthian
I'd have to disagree with that, Jae. Plate armor is fairly heavy, but it's spread out over the entire body. Sixty pounds isn't so bad when you can use almost every muscle in your body to hold it up. Knights were more than capable of hoisting themselves into the saddle and even being fairly quick and even graceful in combat.
Oh, I didn't say you _can't_ jump, just that people in armor _don't_ jump. Sixty pounds extra on a body weighs you down, and while you can jump, it's wasted effort unless you're doing it for a very specific reason. Not to mention that when you jump. some of the pieces can slip down in spots and pinch skin, and I've treated plenty of 'armor bites'.

I have some starter goodies for you, stoffe, when you go online, depending on what class you pick out, and I'll run around with you if you need help on quests. I'm not at level 20 yet (got to 18) but if you need a fire elementalist let me know.

Bob's got the game, now, too.

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