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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Starting from the top...

The Bible doesn't deal with hypothetical situations like "What if Jesus was black?" or "Could God have his cake AND eat it too?" Which is basically the gist of what you're asking because the Bible has a point.
Whether do I ask 'what if' nor do I ask 'can he', I am asking for a reason for what he *is* or *is not* doing. Different thing.

You cannot definitively say that the Bible is metaphoric. You were not present when it was written. Now, you can say you THINK it is metaphorical, but as you're trying to disprove, the burden of proof lies with you.
I see that quite the other way around. I must not prove it to be metaphoric. And I can't. Because to do so, you'd need to point out to valid evidence that it is describing history how it happened. However, that is not what I am interested in.

Questions can irritate. For example, every day I am asked several questions regarding whether I would like to increase the size of a certain organ. Your questions aren't quite that annoying, but they're up there.
Annoying does not equal irritating. And I think I am anything but about to ask you to upsize your breast.

Sin is what displeases God. That's pretty much the heart of it. That was my point. If God removed Sin from existence, we would have no choice but to do as God wanted, as there would be no alternative.
There would be no alternatives and choices left? Like where to go? What movie to see? What's for dinner? Who you wanna marry? Which is your favourite colour? Go outside naked or paint the kitchen green? Come on.

AGAIN: Without sin, we are forced to obey God, as disobeying God is sinful. Do you get it?
Oh, I sure get it. But try to get that without sin, disobeying god wouldn't be sinful anymore. Oh, and how can we disobey god, if we have free will, and have been given the choice?

Satan and Sin are not linked together that closely. Satan is the first sinner, but if he ceased to be, sin would still exist.
Yes, but if he ceased to be, the would be one needless troublemaker off the list, right? Or do we seriously need Satan for anything?

The relevance was that the Forty Day Fast in the Desert was where Satan tempted Jesus. Your question regarding the matter proves my point.
Originally Posted by Ray
And you base that assumption on what fact? Also, I cannot see the relevance to 'make sin go away' either.
I think you should reread what I wrote.
And I repeat my question: how does that relate to "god should strike sin off the list".

See how annoying it is when I deliberately reinterpret what you try to say?

We have pain because God created it. Correct. You see, pain is a very important part of the human mind. It shows us that such a thing is dangerous. It's why we don't jam our hands into fires, electrical sockets, glass shards, knives, and potent acids. Welcome to elementary biology.
Oh, that one was good. However. I have no problem with that and that was not my point, either.


All he asks us to do is let go of our burden and we'll be saved by him. He's not asking us to give up something that should be near and dear to us. He doesn't ask you to sacrifice your firstborn child or make some other great sacrifice, he asks you to give up something that brings nothing but bad. Consider that.
Consider that: do something good for those around you, but not for god, or out of the self centered and selfish wish to be 'saved'. Do something selfless and good, without god or Jesus in your mind.

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