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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Have you ever really done anything altruistic? I doubt it. Nobody does anything really, truly altruistic. There's always that little thing in the back of your mind that you're hoping the girl you like will see you, or you'll get praised, etc, etc, so on and so forth. Humans are reward-motivated people.
I said 'without god in mind' not altruistic. And sometimes the reward is to see someone happy, your child, mom, girlfriend, who cares. Yeah I also do work for money to buy food so my family has something to eat. How reward orientated and selfish. The point is, I don't do that to be saved, I do that for me, and those around me.

How is it selfish to want to be saved? It's not like you being saved denies it to anything else. It's in your own interests, yes, but that does not make it selfish.
Oooh, I gotta do good, else I'm not saved, but I want to be saved, so I am not going to hell. --- Selfish.

Yes, I suppose you would have a choice about trivial matters, but not over anything really significant. Without sin in the world, everyone and everything would be effectively perfect. No worrying about which politician to vote for: They're all humble, good people who don't lie, and it's the same all over the world.
Wouldn't that be great? Nice people everywhere. However, please do not come up with "but what's with individuality", since being nice and honest and without sin does not mean everybody is the same.

Why would God, who's Law is perfect
Who says it is perfect? And again, who says "change the law"? Let's say it together: no body but you..

Screw god's law - just wipe sin from the world. You don't know how? Ask your oh so perfect god.

override that law because it's not convenient, because you don't want to pay the same price as the rest of humanity?
Wrong. I don't want humanity pay the price for what a naked couple did ten thousand years ago. It makes no sense. It's like someone is taking your little sister, brother, mother, father, son and wife to prison because your grand grand grand grandpa shot the sheriff.

And you call me selfish for wanting to be saved.
I didn't call you selfish. I call doing good out of the will to be saved selfish. I do good without wanting myself to be saved. Yes, I do that to get a smile or to hear "i love you daddy" because that makes me happy. However, I couldn't care less if I'm gonna be saved by some god or not.

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