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You obviously didn't read the post before last. Apparently. Since you ignored a significant chunk of it as 'preachery.'. You can't get to Heaven by doing good. It has nothing to do with your own goodness. Trying to find Heaven by doing good on your own is pointless and futile, because God's standard is perfection, which a human can and will never achieve under his own power. But with Jesus, we can instantly be purged of all sin, thus qualifying us for entry into heaven because we turned our sin over to Jesus, who has already paid the penalty so that we would not have to.

God doesn't just remove Sin because we chose sin a long time ago, and taking it away from us would be taking away something the majority of humanity is pleased to have. To purge Sin from the world, he'd also have to remove many of the Freedoms we all cherish so much. Freedom of Speech? Gone. It's sinful to say some things, like taking God's name in vain. Freedom of Religion? Gone. It's sinful to worship other Gods. Freedom of the Press? Same as Freedom of Speech. So on.

Basically, you want to have your cake and eat it too. You want to have the knowledge of the Apple of the Tree, but you don't want to have the penalty that came with it. It doesn't work that way.

Again, it would be violating our freedom to take sin away from us against our will. We can turn it over to Jesus, but by the Law someone has to pay for it. If we cling to our sin, we pay for it. But if we give our sin over to Jesus, he can pay for it, and he already has paid the penalty.
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