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He gritted his teeth, his body going rigid and his eyes resolute. He looked to each of the lines, to the thousands that were already lining themselves up to willingly be punished for whatever 'sins' they had committed in their life. His eyes were dark and stormy.

But then again...exactly how willing could they all be?

The woman they had just talked to, that was walking to her own form of torture and self-retribution now, had the blank eyed stare that he had only seen in certain situations - situations in which the Force had taken control of a person's mind, thoughts, and actions. Could it be...? But there were so many! Certainly these people weren't all under Force control? The power that would need...

He gritted his teeth against another subtle Force pull, this one stronger than the last. His hands - both human and mechanical - clenched into fists. What was this pull? It seemed almost...gravitational. There was another pull that he fought off, again stronger than the two before - and now he noticed that there wasn't only the one pull. But three. And each pulled him in a different direction.

Lust. He fought off the Force pull with even stronger resolution, his teeth gritted and eyes closed. Behind his mind's eye came the image of two women - both with dark hair, one with eyes of blue and one with eyes of brown - filled his vision. Two women. He had had them both. And he had abandoned them. Another pull dragged him in one direction

Gluttony. Ships - legions upon legions - flashed now before his eyes, each with battle turrets trained on the fleet that was imposing upon them, the silhouettes and shadows that blacked out the nearby sun. He had conquered them - he had been the one to lead them to victory. But it wasn't enough to save the galaxy for the time being. No. He needed complete control, so he could establish his own order and impose peace across the galaxy for decades to come! A second pull dragged him in another.

Betrayal. Seven times. Seven times. The terrible realization that while he, thinking he had been so noble in his life, so true, so pure, had betrayed all that he had stood for seven times throughout his lifetime made his will buckle. The pull started to get the better of him. He had betrayed his teachers, those that had raised him. Step. He had betrayed those that had followed him, believing that he would be their salvation - all he did was lead them to death. Step. He betrayed his lover, running forward on a path that she could not follow. Step. He betrayed his best friend, an eye for an eye, to 'save' this now-crumbling Republic. Step. He betrayed his followers - no, his friends - when he disappeared from them on Dantooine. Step. Then...he had betrayed his lover once again. He abandoned her, left her behind, with hardly so much as a word as to why so that she could be 'safe' as he went on that damned mission to find the 'true evil' of the galaxy. Oh, what a fool he had been!

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