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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I didn't ignore it. I usually do not ignore people when they talk to me. Especially if I talk to them too. However, I chose my rather short answer regarding that topic.

What you might overlook here is, I don't want to go to heaven. I don't care about that kind of stuff. Here and now, and tomorrow is what I care about.

Okay so we're now wanting sin? That makes even less sense.

But we're still free to say "hey nice hat", "yeah baby lets do it that way", "oh ray", "ooooooh raaaaayyy" and "oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh rrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy", right? That's enough I guess, who cares if I can take god's name in vain?

XDDD lol, I don't even wanna guess how many religions make that statement..

So it's sin to write about news of the day? Or funny things? New discoveries?

Who says it doesn't work that way? Penalty for gaining knowledge? Knowledge and wisdom is something really desirable, and I'd accept no god who'd punish anyone for seeking for it.

It is not against my will to take away sin. Is it against your will?

Gee, why would I pass my responsibility for what I have done to someone else, even more to the son of god? I am responsible for what I have done, no one can take that from me!
I was using taking God's name in vain as an example. Here's another instance of you completely, and probably deliberately, missing my point.

You've got a point about the worshiping other Gods part. That is generally how it works. What's your point, though?

Again, missing my point. Freedom of Speech gives you the Freedom to say sinful things, and Freedom of the Press gives you the freedom to print sinful things. Geez.

There's a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Some of the wisest people I know are hardly geniuses, and many geniuses aren't very wise. Aside from that, we were not punished because we gained that knowledge, we were punished because we defied God in acquiring it. Or, to put it in Earth terms, we weren't given that knowledge, we stole it.

You say it's not against your will to take away your sin, yet there is already an aisle where that sin can be taken from you, yet you do not avail yourself of it. So, you must cling to sin.

As for the last part, then enjoy the wailing and gnashing of teeth, abandon hope, all ye who enter here, and remember to check to see if any cool people are on the same level as you.
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