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Tysyacha felt another poor soul step into line behind her; she was no longer the last. That gave her some sense of comfort, until she reached out through the Force to touch the newcomer. The sensation that greeted her was one part shock, one part bewilderment, one part delight, and one part utter relief. Another betrayer, no doubt.

"Hello," she mumbled, turning around and then almost colliding with the transgressor in front of her as she nearly fell backward. "You?! What are you doing here, unless you brought the rest of the crew of the Ebon Hawk to rescue me? This place is as much of a nightmare as I think Cocyta will be--we'd better think of something fast!

"Although--what are you doing in the betrayers' line? You must have spotted me. Quickly, let's try and think of a way to try and break the Force pull that's holding us here. You may not know how to use the Force, sir," she said humbly, "but I do. As for our purification, it will only come if we escape this world. I know that I've betrayed all my Masters and the Jedi Order by heeding a monstrous call to war, but that doesn't mean I am hopeless. Nor you. Now, on the count of three, try to step out of line.

"Raz--dva--tri!" Tysyacha almost screamed this last, and she tried with all of her strength to leave the queue. Sadly, however, the Force pull of Malpenulte was too strong, couched in the falsely-soothing illusion of being too subtle, too weak. If she would not have hurt the person in front of her, the Exile would have tried to slash at the air with her double silver sabers, but she feared even her fabled weapons would do her no good. She looked back over her shoulder to see if the mechanic had succeeded.
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