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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Again, missing my point. Freedom of Speech gives you the Freedom to say sinful things, and Freedom of the Press gives you the freedom to print sinful things.
You are missing my point. Without sin there is still *a lot* of stuff that can be written that's not sin. I find that is more than enough. I don't need 'sinful things' to be written. You are missing my whole point. The end of 'sin' does not mean end of all freedom.

Aside from that, we were not punished because we gained that knowledge, we were punished because we defied God in acquiring it. Or, to put it in Earth terms, we weren't given that knowledge, we stole it.
Knowledge belongs to no one. However, what kind of knowledge did Adam an Eve steal exactly?

You say it's not against your will to take away your sin, yet there is already an aisle where that sin can be taken from you, yet you do not avail yourself of it. So, you must cling to sin.
Huh? Not my sin not your sin. Sin as a whole.

As for the last part, then enjoy the wailing and gnashing of teeth, abandon hope, all ye who enter here, and remember to check to see if any cool people are on the same level as you.
Sounds really horrible. Hor-ri-ble, I say.


Originally Posted by tk102
In China, you're not allowed to form an opposing political party but you are certainly free to start your own business and make a million yuan. So Ray, you're suggesting maybe God could partially censor people's behavior like China?
See, tk, god's ways are m-y-s-t-e-r-i-o-u-s. What do I care how? We would not even notice that he took sin away. We would not know it ever existed. For sure.

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