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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
You are missing my point. Without sin there is still *a lot* of stuff that can be written that's not sin. I find that is more than enough. I don't need 'sinful things' to be written. You are missing my whole point. The end of 'sin' does not mean end of all freedom.

Knowledge belongs to no one. However, what kind of knowledge did Adam an Eve steal exactly?

Huh? Not my sin not your sin. Sin as a whole.

Sounds really horrible. Hor-ri-ble, I say.


See, tk, god's ways are m-y-s-t-e-r-i-o-u-s. What do I care how? We would not even notice that he took sin away. We would not know it ever existed. For sure.
True. But God wants us to have true free will, not just freedom to do things that don't offend him. It angers him when we sin against him, but he gave us that choice. Why don't you get this? It's not complex. God allows us to sin, because we have free will. If he takes away that sin, he limits our free will, because he places a barrier on things we can and can't do even within our own mind.

I disagree. Knowledge belongs to God, and he gives it as he sees fit. Furthermore, they stole it because God said "Do not eat of that apple." and they did it anyway. Just because they were allowed to be in the presence of the apple doesn't mean they had the right to eat it. For example, say you were in a very wealthy friend's house and you saw a small item, say, a ring, with a large diamond stone, made of gold. Just because he allowed you into the presence of that, doesn't mean you have the right to slip it into your pocket and sneak out.

Humanity as a whole clings to Sin.

Have it your way, buddy. You won't be saying that when you get there.
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