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Originally Posted by Corinthian
True. But God wants us to have true free will, not just freedom to do things that don't offend him. It angers him when we sin against him, but he gave us that choice. Why don't you get this? It's not complex.
See I get this. It just makes no sense. We have no free will to sin or not when it is given that every human is a sinner. By that phrase the option is no option at all. We are sinners without choice, period.

For example, say you were in a very wealthy friend's house and you saw a small item, say, a ring, with a large diamond stone, made of gold. Just because he allowed you into the presence of that, doesn't mean you have the right to slip it into your pocket and sneak out.
See, that ring belongs to my friend, not to whoever. It's a different pair of socks. Knowledge is not owned by my friend, so I cannot steal it from him.

Have it your way, buddy. You won't be saying that when you get there.
Yeah, hard to say something when I am dead.

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