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He didn't hear Kimber. No, her voice faded from his ears as he forced his eyes open - only to spot a familiar head amongst the infinite lines. The Exile! She was in the betrayers' line!

The steps towards the line were no longer forced, no longer dragging footsteps. He was running to the line now, only slowing down once he reached the back behind Tysy. Sensing his presence, she turned around - and tried, failingly, to step out of line. He sighed, ducking his head slightly and shaking his head. Did she ever think things through fully?

"Tysyacha," he said, his eyes on his arm as he began to undo the straps on the gauntlet that clothed his right, human hand, "Do me a favor - and stop talking." Pulling the glove off, he gently pressed his palm to her forehead, a tingling going through his skin as he did so. It had been so long since he had touched another human's skin...

With the physical connection established, it wasn't long before their own Force presence was able to fight off that of the planet's, allowing them to link together. With a slight frown, he allowed the barriers that masked his power down for only a second, allowing a shock of invigorating power through their connection - an extremely powerful shock, considering how short the time was that he had let his barriers down. The shock was enough to stimulate both of their Force signatures - and give them enough will to beat out the pull that was dragging them into the line, granting them freedom. For now.

"We don't have much time." he said, beginning to pull the glove back on and taking a step back from her, "Why did you come here? Was there a reason? Or was it just another impulse?" his movements were frantic, his words clipped a little more than usual. He wasn't exactly at ease. "Because I think it would be best if we get off this forsaken place as soon as possible."

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