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Tysyacha nodded in five quick reflexes. "Indeed. I did have a reason for coming here; it wasn't just another whim." She leaned close to whisper in the mechanic's ear. "You see, I have a sort of...teacher...who guided me to this planet in hopes of finding it."

"By the Force, no!" Traya's savage rebuke slashed through the fear and sudden panic in the Exile's mind. "Malpenulte itself is not what I had hoped for you to discover. Search, my Exile! There is something here upon this twilit world that is intimately tied to Bastila Shan, the Savior of Cocyta. With it in your grasp, or at least your possible means of destruction, you could weaken her enough so that Cocyta's energy does not bleed you of life like detergents bleed stains from a soiled tunic. She will not let you reach her unless you are purified, or unless you find the first secret to her power."

"And what is that?" Tysyacha nudged the holocron of Darth Traya through the Force. "How can I look for something if I don't know what I'm looking for?" she asked.

"It is not a what for which you search, moya' Dvukh, but a who. Bastila was once a Jedi, a true Jedi if such people can be called that. She was taught by three Masters, and they are buried here: Vandar, Dorak, and Zhar. Their tombs lie high in the mountains of Malpenulte. She is bleeding the power from their resting places, and yet she knows it is not enough to cleanse her soul of the evil within. You must give the Masters peace by finding the one person who knows their teachings."

"And who would that be? The Masters are dead! Surely only Revan still does!"

"There is one other. She had become a historian after her companion Juhani left with Revan to defeat Darth Malak, but now she stands on the steps of a great Machine. She has resigned herself to her fate, and in one hour she will be executed, liquefied. Find Archivist Belaya and bring her aboard the Hawk. She is the last piece of this light-and-dark puzzle that must click into place before Bastila Shan can be destroyed.

"Where is the Machine?" asked Tysyacha.

"You...have already been searching for it, or at least your companions have recently."

"The fuel station!" Tysyacha's face went white. "You mean...?"

"Palladium is only used for the weapons of war, not the transports," smiled Traya. "Mere civilian shuttles and speeders, and even ships like the Hawk, are still run upon carbon-based fuels..."

Tysyacha grabbed the mechanic's hand and bolted full-speed for the fuel station.
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