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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
So how are our GW virgins doing? I know Jae still has to cap her first elite skill and stoffe probably has to start doing all her little growing-up quests and whatnot. Let Papa Niner know so he can sugar-daddy you! >:3
I installed the game (Nightfall) and started playing as an Elementalist sorceress yesterday. I got to the first town before I had to stop playing. I managed to clear out the village attacked by pirates (the one you have to catapult down two pirate ships in) without any losses, so either I'm starting to somewhat get the hang of the fighting, or that mission was designed to be insanely easy. Probably the latter, since I still have no idea how to tell your minions what to do. I also miss the ability to pause and give orders during combat, but that might be somewhat problematic in a multiplayer game.

In general spells seem to be rather weak forcing you to bombard even lowly pirate grunts with dozens of Flare bolts before they die. Probably just the way this game is though, and I'm too used to the more bang for your buck spells of D&D games. Might also have something to do with enemies seemingly regenerating their health nearly as quickly as I'm capable of damaging them. Apparently the whole world in inhabited by Trolls or Wolfweres.

Still a lot to figure out how it works, even though Jae thankfully explained some things I couldn't figure out (how to identify items, what to do with salvage items etc...).

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Tip 1: Get yourself some nice looking armor, or this 'sugar daddy' will start commenting on it with obscure 90's action series references
Seems to be easier said than done. I bought some new robes (if you can call them that, more like a summer evening gown) in the town to get better protection, but then the game changed the color of them from what I set at character creation. What's the point of customizing your character's look if it's going to be force-changed the second you get out of the tutorial anyway?

I wanted my white robes dammit, not the dust-gray new ones the merchant gave me. You'd think that a tailor would ask what color you want if they're going to custom-make you clothing no one else can use. So... either fashion or utility it seems. Choices...


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