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Originally Posted by Ztalker
Yep...if you buy armor, it will start with the standard 'grey' look. By buying Dyes you can change the appearance again.
From what Jae said it sounds like white paint is more expensive than saffron in the GW universe though, so I guess I won't be able to look the way I want for quite a while. How annoying.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
And you will obtain new 'kaboom!' spells, don't worry. The first time you throw in your Meteor Shower, Searing Flames, Earthquake the game will be different. Same goes for when you accuire your first 'Elite' skill. These can only be captured by the 'Signets of Capture' near dead bosses sharing your profession.
I guess that's quite far off into the future though, my character is just level 3 and know a handful of spells that other NPCs taught me. There is one "death from above" fire spell, but it's blast radius is pitiful and so is the damage output compared to Flare, so it's not terribly useful beyond the flashiness (compared to the earlier spells) of it.

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