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State tests like Zero tolerance laws attempt to replace the more individual abilities of students with a boring basic mold of an education. In essence, it replaces real learning, with the ability to regurgitate data. Here in Cali we've got: The Star, Golden State, Star II, ACT, SAT, SATII. The worst part of it all it that it can take an otherwise successful student with perhaps an unorthodox way of learning and portray them as a failure because they don't think the same way the test wants them to think.

I sample: myself. Blame it on a rebellions streak, but I simply like to do things my way, and I've butted heads with many teachers because they wanted me to do my stuff A, B, C, D, ect..., while I preferred to do it X, F, M, L, A. And hence I did poorly on standardized tests, well, A-C range depending on the subject. So I didn't take the SAT or ACT tests, when I took the placement tests I did very poorly because I just don't test well.

In short, standardized tests are bad for education, since you aren't really learning.

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