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I dunno, I love state tests, cuz I've always done well on them. I was also a very good student. I did have my fair share of clashes with teachers and their methods, but on the whole, I did rather well in high school. \O_o/

And I can understand the need for standardized testing. It's all well and good to say, 'oh, they don't teach you anything, you just take it to beat the test, yadda yadda', because that's mostly true. And yes, they don't really teach you anything. But why are they there? To allow colleges and universities a standardized frame of reference and criteria to go along with your high school GPA. Schools of higher learning can't be arsed to individually and meticulously examine each and every applicant, especially the big / highly competitive ones which get tens of thousands of applications every year. It's just a way to give them another number to crunch, and until someone comes up with a better alternative and is able to implement it in such a way most educators and administrators agree, it works just fine.
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