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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Energy Storage is the Elementalist class Primary Attribute, meaning only Elementalists have access to it.
So the other caster classes (Necro, Mesmer etc?) have to make do with a much smaller energy pool? Or do their spells not require as much energy to cast to compensate?

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
As you level up, make sure you distrubute your attribute points accordingly (K key). The more points you have in Energy Storage, the bigger your energy pool will be. Most elementalists put a ton into Energy storage and a ton into whatever element they specialize in (predominantly fire, with a fair few earth eles).
I've put most of my attribute points in Energy storage, Fire magic and Earth Magic so far. The Air and Water spells I've seen so far both did pitiful damage compared to the Fire/Earth spells. Though monsters with lightning spells seem to do a fair amount of damage, so perhaps they grow in potency more quickly than fire magic if you invest in those instead.

I multiclassed into a Monk as suggested for he healing, though the healing spells I got in the boot camp didn't seem terribly useful, restoring very little health, and I'll probably spread my points too thin to be decent at anything if I put a load of attribute points in the Healing attr. as well. Probably best to bring a healer minion along for now instead?

Speaking of skills, what do the "Hero skills" merchants in the towns do? I'd guess you could use them to make your Hero (only got one so far) learn more skills? But then there was a bunch of skills in that merchant that said they could only be used by the player and not heroes, so it didn't make much sense.

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