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Originally Posted by stoffe
So the other caster classes (Necro, Mesmer etc?) have to make do with a much smaller energy pool? Or do their spells not require as much energy to cast to compensate?
Well, by and large the elementalist has the largest energy pool in the game. I think the other casters start out with 30-40 base energy and yes, their spells usually do not carry as high a cost as some elementalist spells.

All classes have the opportunity to increase both their HP and energy pools through the use of runes and insignias, which you can attach to each piece of your armor. Runes of Vigor and Vitae and Survivor insignia all add health, while Runes of Attunement and Radiant insignias add energy. They're not so vital when you're starting out, but once you've got max level armor, you should think about investing in some.

Originally Posted by stoffe
I've put most of my attribute points in Energy storage, Fire magic and Earth Magic so far. The Air and Water spells I've seen so far both did pitiful damage compared to the Fire/Earth spells. Though monsters with lightning spells seem to do a fair amount of damage, so perhaps they grow in potency more quickly than fire magic if you invest in those instead.
Fire has the highest damage output of all the elements, bar none. Earth can hit pretty hard too, but can't match fire skill for skill with raw lethality. Water elementalists are rare, as their skills are more passive in nature, slowing the enemy down and relying on health degen and conditions rather that outright damage. Air is suited for spiking, that is, taking down a single target with focused attacks, thus the inherent 25% armor penetration effect in most spells. If you'll notice, there are no AoE spells in the Air line, only ones that focus on a single foe. Thus, they tend to be specialized and effective in very select situations.

Oh, and while your PCs are limited to level 20, there is no such limitation for monsters. They can, and often are, higher level than you, meaning that they have more attribute points to play around with and as such, can hit harder with their skills than you can. But don't be discouraged, they're still just computer AI and are usually handled easily with proper tactics.

Originally Posted by stoffe
I multiclassed into a Monk as suggested for he healing, though the healing spells I got in the boot camp didn't seem terribly useful, restoring very little health, and I'll probably spread my points too thin to be decent at anything if I put a load of attribute points in the Healing attr. as well. Probably best to bring a healer minion along for now instead?
Multiclassing isn't so vital at this point in time while you're just starting out, since you can get by with your primary class's spells for the most part. It becomes more important a little later on in the game when it's handy to have another skill or two from a different class. Most people suggest the Monk or the Mesmer class as a secondary for the Elementalist, since the Monk offers rechargable resurrection spells (as opposed to the one-use Resurrection Signet) and the Mesmer offers the opportunity for energy management, as well as the spell Arcane Echo, which allows you to copy one of the spells on your skillbar, effectively giving you two chances to cast that spell in succession.

As for self-healing, you'll learn as a non-Monk that it is your focus to put the hurt on the opposing forces as much as you can and leave the healing to your heroes/henchies/friends who are Monks. The Monk is the only character class primarily designed around mitigating conditions and damage and restoring health, so you should leave the monks to do their jobs while you focus on killing the enemies so they don't get to your monk. Sure, you can help the monks out by casting Aura of Restoration, but beyond that, leave the healing to Dunkoro/Tahlkora.

Originally Posted by stoffe
Speaking of skills, what do the "Hero skills" merchants in the towns do? I'd guess you could use them to make your Hero (only got one so far) learn more skills? But then there was a bunch of skills in that merchant that said they could only be used by the player and not heroes, so it didn't make much sense.
Yeah, Sunspear skills should be on the skill merchant, but I think because you purchase them via hero skill points (which you acquire by gaining new levels in Sunspear rank), they're on the hero skill trainer. Sunspear skills are PvE only skills that only your character may equip, meaning your heroes are unable to use them. Your heroes can use any skills your character knows and you have the opportunity to have them learn more through the hero skill trainer.
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