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Originally Posted by Corinthian
But removing Sin would mean removing defiance of God.
And if that did happen, God cannot be defied anymore, at least in theory. I don't see how that is bad.

Also, I think I'll lay down straight something that I was approaching from the sides throughout this thread:
If God is All Powerful, he should be able to devise methods, especially sublime ones to discipline men, or to at least show them His way without instituting a human-esque law system. Sin is identical to Crime and so on, but the human legal system was invented when it was gound that humans are all equal, and it is necessary to discipline them, hence creating a set of rules everyone agreed to. But in God's model, he would not need such a legal system, as he can invent ways to purge our sin instantly, or change our minds to be good-thinking, good-doing sorts. Why resort to such a primitive government?

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