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Tommorw the library is closed so I'm posting this early.

Coruscant Entertainment Center

Such A Quiet Thing
Long before KOTOR: The path followed by Kreia.

The style is well done, the basics of the story well thought out and presented. Having never seen the author here before I was surprised until I checked the profile. An editor in her thirties would turn out such quality work as a matter of course.

The first pick of this week,

Healing Touch

Aboard Harbinger: The Exile tries to save Atton…

Like the above work the piece is enthralling. The style is different from that work but at the same time as well done.

Thanks, I have my first Best of the best for this week.

Legacy of the Force FanFic: Legacy's End
Empress Padme

During LOTF: Vengeance must be mine…

The basic premise is good; the style needs polish, but no real complaints.

The story is a bit contrived, but the reasoning is sound. The only other option would be if someone who didn’t know him plotted this death. Please continue.


The Reality of Things
Miraea Starr

Prelude to KOTOR: A specialist is cozened into joining the Endar Spire

The style is good, the basics sound. Making the main character the equivalent of a forensic pathologist is an interesting idea. Keep it up.

Bad Days

After KOTOR: The take on why Revan went into the Outer Regions…

The piece is short and sweet. The style is good, and the piece compelling. Enough so that it is one of my Picks for this week.

Fires of Change

Prelude to KOTOR: What Revan did during that time before the Endar Spire.

The style is pure Onasilvslv having reviewed the author’s work before. The story only caused one twinge, that because no one had suggested a lag time of a year or more before the story begins. Can’t say it detracts though. One of my Picks for this week.

Something to Remember

Alternate Universe preKOTOR: Maybe we shouldn’t let their imaginations run too wild…

The piece bothered me in only two ways. Since it was done without word wrap, it ran straight across the page. To read it, I had to copy paste into word, then read it.

That said I was glad I did what was needed. The piece was intriguing in the ‘all right what will they do?’ way, and seeing what Revan did for her ‘free range’ class project was a laugh.

The idea that the students would practice with their lightsabers by massacring the Kath hounds disturbed me on another level but the idea did not detract from the quality of the work.


Alternate Universe KOTOR On Taris after Bastila’s Rescue: Carth struggles to understand his feelings.

One of the ‘What If’ entries, this piece is well worth reading. You get the flavor of someone trying to conceal knowledge without giving up his feeling, which causes the frustration that was so prevalent in the Taris Mission specifically.

The only way it could have been better is if it had been on Leviathan with Saul telling him and Carth saying ‘so?’. One of the picks for this week.


Alternate Universe KOTOR: Considering the last piece, what happens when she finds out?

The set up is great, reminding me of the Osterman Weekend with it’s layer by layer secrecy until the main character is trapped.

While I had to agree that the piece jumped scenes abruptly, it makes a perfect companion piece to the part above.

Great Sacrifice
Lady Revan

Pre-TSL: What if Revan had taken someone with her?

A well-written piece with everything a good story requires.

This story got a lot of comments, and I have to agree and disagree with some of them. In the middle of a fight is not the time to wax philosophical. And if sitting with the body long after they are dead doesn’t show love, I don’t know what would. As much as some picked at specific lines, the ending; ‘How did Carth continue forward after Telos? I wasn't sure, but I knew if I sat there for the rest of time, I'd never have that answer’ said it all. Life is going on afterward, no matter how much it hurts.

Superiority at any cost?

During Korriban Mission KOTOR: Lessons of pain last…

The style was good, but the basic story a bit static and lackluster. The best scene is the sparring between Revan and Dustil because you put more into it. The comment at the end of that scene is the one I always wished someone would use to the ‘the dark side is automatically stronger’ types.

Revenance, Part I
Alatriel Elen

During TSL: marooned, all Revan had were her thoughts.

The piece is good because of many things. The ‘why did I do this to myself’ attitude; the falling back into childhood fears, the relief upon rescue all protrayed.

My only real question is what’s on the data chip?

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