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Lane rubbed thin hands together as mismatched eyes studied their surroundings. The world Tysy had chosen was certainly an interesting one. Lane had had a fair number of odd experiences in a rather long lifetime, yet this one was certainly surprising in its uniqueness. It was as if there were invisible threads everywhere, tugging at whoever set foot on the ground, pulling them this way and that. Lane's sinewy limbs relished the strange sensations, but the mind knew that they were not to be trifled with, so it resisted the urge to let go completely and instead kept Lane's body alongside the pilot Kimber, the irascible droid HK, the precocious T3 and the still-unnamed mechanic.

"Curious," the lips spoke for the first time in a while, "how our valiant mechanic seems to be going through a spot of inner turmoil." A thin finger stretched out to point towards the man being dragged along by a much-shorter-than-he Exile. "Curious, how frazzled our intrepid Exile is." The lips curved up into a smile as the long legs began marching forward. "Curious, how oddly suited they seem for each other."

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