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Originally Posted by martmeister
Neat-o. Toliver, you've played this game way too much, lol.
Ain't that the truth?! I think I'm auditioning to be a tester for Tim's next game. ;-)

SPOILERS!!! Turn away from this post if you haven't tackled Black Velvetopia yet.

Another thing I didn't catch the first time through and now it's really bugging me is the power of Confusion.
When you first acquire the power of Confusion from Dingo in his apartment in the Black Velvetopia level, you can only hold 5 Confusion Bombs at a time.
Once you've got the power and you go through the secret passage in the fireplace in Dingo's apartment, you eventually come to a Confusion upgrade. It's the glowing question mark on your left as you slide across the rail at the end of the secret passage that leads to the last baggage. Once you collect this question mark upgrade, there's a message that says something like "Congratulations! You've just received a Confusion Bomb upgrade. You can now hold more Confusion Bombs!"
Big freakin' deal! Now instead of holding five Confusion Bombs, I can hold six. Whoopee! I can hold one extra Confusion Bomb. My life will be so much better now that I can hold one more Confusion bomb.
There's another Confusion Bomb upgrade in Waterloo World. I'm not sure how much more you get (another excuse to go through the game yet again! Ha!).
I just don't understand the logic of the first upgrade in Black Velvetopia. I could see if the upgrade was to 10 or something like that...but increasing my stash by just one? Puh-leaze.

And another thing that bugs me is when you fight the last wrestler using the Confusion Bombs, the first time you whomp him and you gain another Confusion bomb, a message appears, stopping your game play, telling you that "You just gained a Confusion Bomb!". Here I am in the middle of a wrestling match and they stop the game to tell me I've gotten a Confusion Bomb.
Uh, thanks for that. Can I go back to whompin' the wrestler now?
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