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Originally Posted by Corinthian
You think God is just loony-toons? Because personality dictates actions, and not having a personality would either make you brain dead or you'd just go on tangents...If he had no personality or numerous personalities, his actions would vary a great deal, no?
I believe that Brahman does not act at all because there is nothing external to act upon and has no personality. Individuals act in every which way as do subatomic particles in an inert stone -- so yes God is also these multiple personalities, some loony-toon, some genius, some orderly, some chaotic.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Where does it say so?
I could describe it set notation if that makes more sense. If set P describes the set of all personality traits and set Q describes a set containing only some personality traits, then set Q is a subset of set P and not the other way around, nor is set Q identical to set P.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
f god's both, one and many at the same time, god has both, no personality and personality at the same time.
Yes. Though I'd pluralize that to say he has no personality and personalities at the same time.

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