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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Fairy tales next door please.
Way to completely blow him off.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Huh? During life? How can I choose not to be a sinner when I am always a sinner? poppycock. Also, when the choice comes during lief, how come that even unborn babies are considered sinners?
First off, that is all what becoming a Christian is all about. Devoting your life to God and letting him take care of your sins. You will always sin, but if you repent and try to stay true to God, He will accept you. That was part of Jesus mission, you know, although you seem not to care.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Since I have not done that sin, I hard can hold onto it.
You're claiming to be sinless?

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Because sin displeases him, and it brings death and suffering. Would you stop death and suffering if you could? I bet as a good Christian you would, eh? Is god not a good Christian.

Without sin, no crimes to wash away...
Sin is usually defined as the absence of God. So the only way to stop this would be to limit our ability to stray from Him.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
What's so bad about it? Also, without sin, choosing something over god would be no sin anymore.
Thats so contradictory. Without sin, we would not choose anything but God, because without Him, we sin. Its our nature.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
So the only important choice, and the only proper reason for free will to exist is to choose god? How..colourful.
Well, it's not like He created you or the whole universe or anything.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Oh, I think if god does not exist there still would be something like sin. Most probably it'd be called 'immoral act'.
Er... no. Sin is a God-related term. Outside of God, it has no meaning. Anything we would term immoral would be based on our own society that we invented - and it would have no meaning because there would be no purpose in the universe except to just, well, live as whatever...

Originally Posted by True_Avery
Hmm, interesting.

But why is a human's capability to think any more advanced than another animals? What makes us special? There are other animals capable of many of the things our minds are capable of. It sounds selfish to say that we are gods children when you in fact have never met god, do not know gods true motives, and get this information from a very old book. I am not trying to be a b**** here, but just stating the obvious.

Saying that humans are the guardians of the world is basically saying that we rule over it, which is the words of ignorant humans thousands of years ago that assumed that they were on a flat planet in the center of the universe. Evolution works on survival, and I think a bug that can live for weeks without a head is a little more ahead than us.

Our intelligent minds help us survive, but it is killing everything around us.
First of all, this is based on evolution, which I do not believe in.

But anyways, your claim that our idea of being God's children is "immature", I guess, or based on ignorance, is interesting. You make a statement out of us getting it out of an "old book." Usually we call that book "God's Word". : That's why we believe it.

And besides, I don't understand your point about the bug. Ummm, yeah, it could survive without it's head (I'm tempted to do a sarcastic "Oh, that's amazing") but I'm not sure where that get's the bug.....

I mean, it can't read, talk, wonder about God, drive a mustang, get elected to bug president, or even sin. Especially without it's head.....

So I really don't know why the freakish ability to survive without your head can say something about yourself. Neither does happening to survive for a very long time (which again, get's into the idea of evolution).
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