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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Yeah, those cockroaches sure do build great cities. Oh, wait. The last time a cockroach used a tool, I had duct taped it to one.
Yeah, and it is silly how they don't wage war with eachother, destroy the environment, etc. I mean, c'mon. Without intelligent minds they must be worth less than dirt huh?

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
I mean, it can't read, talk, wonder about God, drive a mustang, get elected to bug president, or even sin. Especially without it's head.....
Sounds like a simple life that fits into the natural balance of nature. But, seeing as we see on completely different sides of the board I can tell that there is little use debating, unless you would like to.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
God made the cockroaches. You should at least respect his creations, now shouldn't you?
Thank you.

The thing is, the more I read into this thread the more I have less of a feeling of a loving god, and more of a feeling of a power hungry monarchy. God says what to say, says what to do, and if we disobey god or reject god we get the guillotine. Look at Adam and Eve. Disobeyed him once, get all of humanity cursed. Either god is a king playing with toys, or god is an abusive parent who beats their child instead of trying to learn why they do what they do.

Threads like this really do deeply disturb me. They give me an outlook on God I am terrified of, and most of all they make me understand why the religious "Extremists" kill over who is right and who is wrong. People like this, and many people in this thread, who believe 100% that they are right and you are wrong make me afraid to walk outside sometimes.

Also, I am yet to have someone give me a good explaination as to why humans are better than other animals.
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