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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Fire has the highest damage output of all the elements, bar none. Earth can hit pretty hard too, but can't match fire skill for skill with raw lethality. Water elementalists are rare, as their skills are more passive in nature, slowing the enemy down and relying on health degen and conditions rather that outright damage.
Speaking of which, when/where can you find some new useful Fire spells? I still use the ones I got for free during the tutorial, haven't found anything new since then (Flare, Firestorm).

And are there any decent defensive spells, and of what type? I got one Earth spell that should give 50% block chance for allies (is the caster herself included in "allies" or does that only help your minion?), but nothing much else.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Oh, and while your PCs are limited to level 20, there is no such limitation for monsters. They can, and often are, higher level than you, meaning that they have more attribute points to play around with and as such, can hit harder with their skills than you can.
There's nothing quite making you feel like an epic hero than everyone you meet being more powerful than yourself individually, and then heavily outnumbering you in addition to that.

Kind of makes you wonder why the bad-guys just spend their time randomly wandering around the countryside instead of taking over the world or something.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Multiclassing isn't so vital at this point in time while you're just starting out, since you can get by with your primary class's spells for the most part. It becomes more important a little later on in the game when it's handy to have another skill or two from a different class.
My biggest problem at the moment is that there aren't enough Skill slots to bring along all the spells I want, and filling out with spells from another class as well will hardly make that any easier. The only Monk spell I've had use for so far is the Resurrect one.

I'm just missing some form of quick key or keyboard shortcut to order my minions to heal me. Sometimes they're a bit slow and I have to run away from enemies before they get the message.

By the way, what does the blue icon and number that float above some (but not all) player characters in towns and outposts mean? Haven't been able to figure that out. The one the red arrow points at, which is shown instead of their classes and level:

(And why does Kamadan look like it's been dragged into a theme park located in Oblivion all of a sudden, with gloomy lighting, blood red sky, weird monsters and cardboard cutouts everywhere? )


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