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Originally Posted by True_Avery

Also, I am yet to have someone give me a good explaination as to why humans are better than other animals.
Basic compassion and ability to feel pain (physical, mental, or emotional). It's why people get less upset about experiments on fish than they do dogs or cats. It's why many suggest that the great apes should be extended some human rights.

It's a matter of degree. Our minds make us capable of greater self awareness. Doesn't necessarily change behavior to make us more altruistic, but it opens up the possibility of being reasonable through communication to a greater degree as a way of solving problems rather than violence. And while it's true no known animal other than the genus Pans and the Homo sapiens have the brain power for as sustained an effort as war or genocide, no other species can consider the good of another species (or their own) in a systematic way either.
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