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What's your funniest moment?

Eh, I had many funny moments with one of my former classmates. We played multiplayer together a lot.
I remember on Kamino. We were two Jet Troopers from the Clones and we were in a server alone. The Clones kept losing reinforcements while we just explored the map - looked for bugs or walk on the roofs of the buildings.
We were the last 2 clones remaining and we were in the cloning facility next to the outpost. We were fighting more than 50 CIS droids. They kept coming from the three corridors. But we managed to hold them off quite a bit. We killed more than 30 but one of us eventually was killed and then the other one was quickly murdered, too. We had funny moments on Naboo, too, with the AAT.

But that's more than enough.
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