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Hmmm never used DownloadThemAll so I can't judge on that...

Here's a goodie:

This is an amazing program that creates one or several virtual machines on your own PC (Win, Mac, Linux, whatever) and allows you to install an entire OS on it within your host system and it's just brilliant!
You get to set up a virtual HDD for your guest OS and the good thing about that is: no partitioning! Another good thing is it's not a fixed amount of space it steals from your actual HDD but it's a dynamic space that'll shrink or expand to what you are doing on the Virtual Machine...It's been good for me to take the plunge into Linux and tinker around with a few distros until I find one that I really like and then switch to it and run WinXP in a Virtual Machine if I really need to access it.

Oh and have I mentioned it's free and Open Source?

Look out for a thread by me on this subject cause I'm gonna need some help if folk would be so kind...

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