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1. Bariss Offee - it was a nice change to see a Jedi who's be all and end all is not to be the best fighter they can be, but actually uses their abilities to heal, and to really try to make the world genuinely better.
2. Quinlan Voss - Real people struggle with doing the right thing. It was a good thing to see an actual jedi with the same struggles.
3. Ayla Secura - much the same reasons as Quinlan Voss
4. A'Sharad Hett - It's a refreshingly different look at Tatooine, and a character deals with a mixed jedi heritage.
5. Anakin Skywalker - The knight who could have been so much more if he'd had the right teacher and Qui Gonn had lived. Obi Wann's heart was in the right place, but he just wasn't qualified to teach someone so head strong when he hadn't mastered his own emotions.
6. Etain - A jedi who is not afraid to love, even if it costs her the order.
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