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The fool had reacted much like Kreia expected. First a wide-eyed stare, followed by peculiar antics that were, admittedly, rather droll—and the moment she moved an inch in his direction, he was gone. No doubt the sleepy atmosphere of the Ebon Hawk would soon be shattered by screams from the port dormitory’s female residents.

With a curl of her lip, Kreia reached in and removed the pair of false fangs. “Disgusting things,” she growled. When a hoot of laughter reverberated from the starboard passage, she turned to see a red-faced Exile collapse on his side in the doorway, shaking and heaving in madcap hilarity. Kreia sighed.

“Jedi, rise from that disgraceful position. It was not quite so humorous as that.”

“Humorous? No, no, it wasn’t. It was hilarious!” Hooting another laugh, the Exile wiped a tear from his eye as he got up. “Force, Kreia, I needed that after Korriban. It was worth it. It was totally worth it!”

Kreia had to admit, though at first she had refused to take part in such foolishness, the plan had been a cunning one. Two sets of false fangs, one for her and one for the gizka; a little Force manipulation to make the gizka go berserk; a perfectly timed entrance by the Exile, with an examination and surreptitious “de-fanging” of the gizka’s mouth; then, as the final touch, her own appearance as the fanged witch.

Quite cunning. Yes, quite cunning indeed.

Just then, the anticipated screams rang out from the port dormitory. “Atton! What are you doing in here?!” “Get OUT, you scoundrel!”

The Exile collapsed to the deck in another fit of convulsive laughter. Kreia simply snorted.

“Exile, you do realize that you will have to explain this to the fool in the morning.”

The Jedi gasped for breath, his face still cherry-red. “Nah. Let’s not tell him. Let’s let him remember the night he wrestled with the Gizka from Hell.”

Maybe they could try the purple hssiss next . . . .

The End

Thanks for reading!

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