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I wish there was a bit more to that review..

Still, this is a perfect opportunity to start a rant about hardware manufacturers taking the enthusiast crowd for a ride.

I like tech as much as the next guy, but putting everything into context, and considering the prices of the higher end items, there are some very important provisos here..

I can say this specifically applies to CPU and GPU hardware in particular. People should think about...

1. What do you actually do with your computer ??

2. What monitor do you have, what is its max rez and output frequency

Im lucky enough to have a monitor that outputs at 1600p, but it outputs this at 60Hz. This means that anything I can EVER hope to do is capped at 60fps. At lower resolutions, it allows for a higher frequency and hence higher fps... Hence, I can play Bioshock, Oblivion etc at 1600p with maxed out settings and keep a steady and pretty 60fps with no problems with my 8800GTS. This was why I never forked out that extra $200+ for the GTX. Until a monitor that does 1600p at 120Hz comes out, I wouldnt bother with a higher end card.

Most monitors people have lurk around the 70-75Hz mark. Hence, when considering their purchases they need to keep this in mind. Do they need the GTX which gets 103fps for <insert game here> or could they get by with the GTS or ATI equivalent which does 82fps with all effects on ?? That 21fps reported by fraps etc doesnt make it to your eyes, so why should you bother ?? Ive always asked this of gaming tech-heads and have never gotten a response that makes any sense. It is difficult to talk about 'future proofing' for GPUs, with DX10 revisions, not many of the 'enthusiast' crowd are investing in a gfx card now that they can have in 3 years time.

There are a few 1080p screens out which operate at at 120Hz, but they are very expensive and actually oriented towards the home theater crowd atm. I havent seen a 1600p monitor that does 120Hz yet, though Im sure they arent too far away

Quiet simply, the GPU manufacturers do a really great job at duping the higher end purchasers out of their cash - which is quite annoying

This can even be argued with CPUs as well nowdays. With the constant revisions Intel and AMD are making, a 3 year old CPU will never perform as well as its contemporary.

For those working with applications that involve high end CPU and GPU demand, eg. graphical, HD video editing/compositing and animation apps, the argument for going high end is stronger - though these people will more likely have custom built(often mac based) pcs running a quadro card, simple as that.

So, at the end of it all, buying the highest end tech should be a purchase you should think about carefully. It's a high price to pay for bragging rights !

As for myself, the 8800GTS is handling itself OK at 1600p considering its 60fps cap... until a bunch of games come out that I really want to play actually challenge this, I now have the opportunity to squander cash on something other than my pc !! (actually saving for a holiday atm)

[/end rant]


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