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*put's on Scouter*

"Revan's midi-chlorian level...It's over NINE THOUSAAAAND!"

Those things don't mean a thing. Obi-Wan didn't have a particularry high count. He was even on the edge of being kicked out of the order when he was about to turn 13, right? He still pwned Anakin on Mustafar though.

imo, it's just an indication of potential. Like in soccer (or any other random sports). Scouts go to some exotic country, and see kids play soccer. One of the kids can already do all the moves from tv, has the condition of a running horse, and a professional way of thinking. In many ways, he could be a great soccer player.
On the other hand, there's the kid that can't do all the fancy moves. He isn't fast. But his tackles and brute mentallity DO stop the first mentioned kid. He has none of the skills the first kid has, but still manages.

And that's how it goes with that stupid Midi Chlorians as well.

Dang...I talk to much.

Revan is powerfull, okay. But I think he has maxed out his potential too. The Masters said he was interested in teaching when he was young. I think he just maxed out what he was destined to do. He was slightly stronger then Malak in his Sith time, and could just best him as Jedi.

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