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That's totally true, I mean here I am playing Jade Empire and NWN2 on my OC'ed Barton 2600+ 2.1Ghz and GeForce 6800...All this stuff is like years old technology wise, but does it still do the trick? Hell yeah.

That's why even if I do get around to upgrading next time I'll probably be going for the X2 5000+ Black Edition and a cheapo X1950Pro, why? Cause that's all I'll ever need, my monitor atm is 16", when I ever upgrade to a new monitor the max I'd go for is probably a 19" or 22" widescreen one...which caps at about 1680x1050

Consider the fact that you'll never see me playing Oblivion or FEAR or STALKER or even Crysis (not a huge FPS fan, though I might give Crysis a go at the lowest setting in the future), I don't really need much more than that.

It's the same with overclockers these days, they buy a rediculously expensive chip to OC it even more wheras the whole point of it (IMO) is to buy a cheap chip and pwn people who paid lots more for the same performance. [/rant #2]

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