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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
I wonder about those 120Mhz home theater TVs. Not even the highest definition video formats clock in at 120fps! Heck, blu-ray doesnt even go anywhere near it...

I smell a sales gimmick aimed at the cashed up home theater crowd

Well, the general perception is bigger/faster/stronger/whatever is better (I smell a Ray comment coming.... ), but I bet most people have never heard of critical flicker frequency, much less know that there's actually a cap to what the eye can perceive. So, I can't _entirely_ blame the sales force. My guess is that most companies don't have vision specialists on staff to point these things out, and with the drive to improve fps rates, even if some specialist did point that out, Joe Public wants the higher fps even though it doesn't make a difference. The companies risk being left behind if they don't keep up with what the market wants or perceives it wants.

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