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Okay, I picked up where I left off and went through Waterloo World to get the Confusion Grenade Upgrade. Brace yourself. The upgrade takes you from holding 6 grenades to 7. Yep, you get to hold one whole extra grenade after the upgrade. Woo-hoo!
But wait. It gets better.
I went even further this time. I usually stop playing the game before the annoying Meat Circus level but I went ahead and continued though. Before you enter the first Meat Circus tent (with the gypsy fortune teller who'll redeem all of your stuff), at the end of the street, hidden from view, there's another Confusion Grenade Upgrade.
Wait for it. Yep, with this last Confusion Grenade Upgrade you get to now hold 8, yes count 'em, 8 Confusion Grenades. Isn't that great? Never mind that the grenades don't do anything in this level. The pschyo rabbits that the meat grinders emit just seem to have seizures when you hit them with a Confusion Grenade and the knife-throwing Rabbits just look like they've had one too many drinks. I didn't think about hitting the Butcher with one to see what he would do (another experiment coming up!).
I wasn't sure if Raz would be able to conquer the Meat Circus with only 7 Confusion Grenades, but with the ability to upgrade to 8 grenades, why, the world is his oyster. Raz can do anything! Yep, that one extra Confusion Grenade tips the psychic world in his favor.
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