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I experienced another glitch when playing the game.
I was in the catwalks portion of Gloria's Theater level. There's a fenced-off area with a vault, a piece of luggage and a Life Restorer (the green glowing helmet, not the gold one) in it. You have to climb down a ladder to get there. Once you do, a bunch of Censors and whiney Bombs appear.
I had finished off the Censors and bombs and matched the piece of luggage to its tag. All that was left to do was to hit the vault to trigger the slide show.
The problem was, the vault got stuck running in a corner of the area. I have a screen cap but it doesn't show much other than a vault running in place in a corner.
No matter how many times I hit the vault, it never stopped running and never opened up. At first I tried leaving the area and then coming back but the vault was still stuck in the corner.
So I saved my place, exited the game, rebooted my computer and when I went back in to that level, the vault was no longer stuck in the corner. Of course, because of the weird way it saves your place in Gloria's Theater level, I re-entered the game further back than I would have liked, but at least it got me past the glitch.
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