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Originally Posted by machievelli

Such A Quiet Thing
Long before KOTOR: The path followed by Kreia.

The style is well done, the basics of the story well thought out and presented. Having never seen the author here before I was surprised until I checked the profile. An editor in her thirties would turn out such quality work as a matter of course.

The first pick of this week,

Healing Touch

Aboard Harbinger: The Exile tries to save Atton…

Like the above work the piece is enthralling. The style is different from that work but at the same time as well done.

Thanks, I have my first Best of the best for this week.
Older? Than what, precisely? Space dust??
Oh, don't worry - I know, I know....just...older. *sigh*

Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the forums. I very much appreciate your comments on my sometimes very strange work.

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