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((Since my character hasn't received a response, I'm going to assume that Stark hired him and gave him what he needed, unless otherwise stated.))

Cody was again going down the streets in the direction that the robot had lost this Dalton fellow. He had contacted his crew and was currently talking to them.

"I've pulled up no further info on this Dalton guy, but his female companion, yes. From past records it shows she's done, well, not much of anything to our interest at least. But there is one thing that you should know, she's a chancist," Jesse told Cody over the comm.

"Great, just what I need, someone who can predict when they're in danger...not only that but she's probably already predicted some form of danger. Alright, Murphy, I'm in the area where bolts for brains lost them, I need you to do a favor," Cody said as he stopped on the side of the street briefly.

"You want me to do a telepathic scan in the area, for the woman," Murphy replied before Cody could even finish asking. "Pretty much," Cody responded.

"Why the woman? Why not just search for the Dalton guy?" Jesse asked over the comm. "Because, she's got higher brainwaves than him, spotting her with a telepathic scan will be a lot easier." Cody replied, then turning his conversation back to Murphy, "sorry to ask this of you pal, I know it can be a mind breaking stress to search through so many individuals' heads.

"It becomes easier when I syphon out all the people with lesser brainwaves, even more so when I syphon out all the will be reletively quick," Murphy responded in his concise, emotionless manner.

"Good...and thanks," Cody replied. He looked up into the sky as he waited, it was getting brighter, it would be morning soon. Cody heard what passed for Murphy grunting in exertion as he came back onto the comm-line, "I...uh, found her..."

But he didn't finish, and soon Jesse was on, "Murphy's okay, he just needs to sit down. He told me the woman's due east and south of your location, not sure how far, but I'll try to make sense of what he's saying and get an exact address."

Cody didn't respond, but only waited with as much patience as he could. "Okay, I've got a location, the street is Vtorym Way," Jesse said, Cody grinned, gunning his motorcycle into motion, he headed for the street as fast as he could, without attracting cops, which was something he didn't want at the moment.

"Murphy says to hurry, he's barely keeping track of her, but from what brief contact he's had with her mind he's learned that they're going to be on the move soon," Jesse stated over the comm. Cody slowed down, he knew chasing a chancist would only spur his target to move faster.

"Tell Murphy to lock her brainwave patterns into his subconcious, and then go get a rest, once he's reenergized he can track her easier, and we can find out where they're going. Jesse, try to track them through technological means, hack cameras, hijack mailbots to monitor them, I don't care how you do it, just keep track of them, when they head for someplace that seems of relevent importance, tell me, then we'll branch out with a plan from there." Cody said, veering off in no particular direction, so as to buy time.

"Will do," Jesse replied. "Over and out."

"I'm just going to cruise for a bit, until we know what'll happen. Over and Out too," Cody said also, riding down the streets on his Arowana motorcycle at a leisurly pace, just enjoying the ride for the moment.

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